Memory and map
(and worlds)
I build my world without limits
Plugins Management
One click setup
I one click install my minecraft bukkit plugins
Bi-Xeon E5
192 GB RAM, Raid 1 SSD
(32 threads)
The game runs smoothly and without lag
Everyone can donate for the server hosting
Backup and Restaure
Server and Maps
My worlds are protected and safeguarded
LiveMap Viewer
Your world in HD and 3D
My world is visible from my website
2014-12-05 - 04h00
We offer affordable minecraft game servers hosting. Minecraft is a game mixing building and adventure developed from 2009 by Mojang AB.

Minecraft is a multiplayer game in a 3D world, built entirely of blocks to destroy, transform and rebuild.

An unique experience in the world of online gaming, it brings twenty millions of players around the world.

Minecraft infinity currently host hundreds of servers in the world.

Currently : 7 online, Record : 773
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Minecraft 1.8.1
2014-12-05 - 04h00

Dear Customer,

Mojang released the version 1.8.1 of minecraft.

We offer this version in your client area as for the other versions.

A compatible craftbukkit 1.8 build is also available, thanks to the SpigotMc devs

Have fun on this new version.


The Minecraft infinity Team